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about fishing festivals on Nizhnaya Volga and Akhtuba that took place at our fishing camp >>>
  • Fishing in Russia
  • Sport fishing
  • Bearded pages
  • Hunting and fishing all over the world
  • Hunting and fishing channel
  • more... >>>

  • boat rent, gamekeeper service
  • fishing-tackle sale
  • spinning rent for big cat-fish fishing
  • full equipment for trophy sazan fishing
  • bait preparation (bait fish, worms, etc.)
  • trophy treatment: gutting, smoking, balyking, salting, cold store, visceration and plucking
  • quadrocycle and buggy rent for trips and hunting >>>
  • leisure equipment for rent: chairs, tables, pots, tripods, etc.
  • water skis
  • equipment for underwater hunting * NEW
  • trips to Volga’s delta and Kaspian sea
  • arbour with fire place and chargrills
  • motor hang-gliders. Click here for details >>>
  • bar, billiards, sauna, hookah
  • karaoke hall with multimedia projector
  • dedicated Internet channel [1 Mbit/sec.]. Wi-Fi
  • everything for banquets
  • ping-pong, darts, volleyball ground
  • playground, library, laundry
  • sightseeing and tours
  • New Year celebration >>>
  • credit cards payments * NEW
  • instant cell phone and other e-payments * NEW
       [ reception of signals from all telecoms operators at our camp ]

Boats rent:

  • Allur 40 - boat with 4-tact Yamaha engines of 15 and 25 hp and Evinrude engine of 25 hp.
    15 hp - 1000 RUR per day, 25 hp - 1250 RUR per day, 25 hp with echo-sounder - 1500 RUR per day. The Allur boat is very well fit for fishing, it easily seats 5 persons in it.

  • Voronezh boats have soft seats, revolving chairs, spinning holders and echo-sounders, and 2-tact Suzuki engines of 40 hp - 1800 RUR per day.

  • Master boat has 2-tact Yamaha engines of 40 hp and echo-sounders - 2000 RUR per day.

  • Finsport 490 boat has 2-tact Mercury engine of 60 hp - 2500 RUR per day.

  • Odyssey 238 VISTA boat has VOLVO engine of 220 hp - 8000 RUR per day.
    10 seats, shower cubicle, fridge, WC, 4 bunks in the cabin.
    Fit for trips to Volga's delta and underwater hunting.

  • Gamekeeper service - 600 RUR per day.

  • You should have state license for boat operating or boat with the gamekeeper.

  • You should pay for fuel as it is consumpted.

Quadrocycle and buggy rent for trips and hunting

Click here for details >>>


  • Cozy drawing room

  • Satellite TV

  • Restroom

  • 24 hour

Каспийская флотилия у Астраханского кремля

Tours and excursions::

Астрахань Астрахань Астрахань

We also arrange diverse sporty entertaining
and fishing activities for family and corporate business:

  • Festive dinner and entertaining program.
  • Fishing team contests — with prize fund
  • Picnics on islands or at the camp (sturgeon shashlik, fish soup, etc.)
  • Seven seasoned gamekeepers and boats for teams, wishing to learn how to fish. The best is to seat 2 fishermen and one gamekeeper in one boat, but there are other dispositions.
  • Any other sporty or fishing activities at your request, by preliminary agreement.
It's very good to go spinning zander on Akhtuba. It takes 20 minutes by motor boat to get to the river along Kazachii erik. Argillaceous steeps, holes... >>>
And it’s just magnificent to fish big bream in autumn both on Mitinka and Akhtuba. It is fished out by donks on sandy strips. The bait is often worms, seldom - corn ... >>>