The "Blue Bird" resort and camp. Hunting and fishing on Nizhnaya Volga,
Akhtuba, Mitinka, eriks and ilmens. Nice cozy cottages for rest, fishing
and hunting. Corporate and family leisure.
Winter fishing.

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Our trophies :
Наши рыболовные трофеи
База отдыха Астрахань

The "Blue Bird" fishing and hunting camp welcomes you to the abundant land of fish, game and southern sun. Land of huge cat-fish, pheasant and endless steppes. It's enough to once look at the map of Astrakhan region to see great chance of trophy fishing and hunting in numerous rivers, eriks and ilmens of Nizhnaya Volga. Our camp is luckily located at the fork of Staraya Volga, Mitinka and Kazachii, a stone's throw to Akhtuba.

Отдых на Волге и Ахтубе

Many fishermen will find their fishing happiness here, both predator-hunters and bob goers. Sazan hunters come here too, to get their adrenalin share, as this place is famous like Mecca among both Astrakhan and Moscow people for its sazan fishing. And both summer and winter fishing is good.

Рыбалка и охота на Нижней Волге оставят массу приятных воспоминаний

The camp is located 100 km up from Astrakhan in Kharabalinskii district, near Zavolzhskoe village, on the banks of river Mitinka and erik Kazachii, 800 m from Volga and 20 minutes walking from Akhtuba. The camp gamekeepers will help you to find the best hunting and fishing places and to dress your trophies.

Не забуду рыбалку и охоту на Волге и Ахтубе

You may very well hunt here for wolves, foxes, hares, racoon dogs. Pheasant flocks gather in wild sunflower fields. The autumn hunt for migrant birds is unforgettable. Fishing season on Nizhnaya Volga is all the year round, hunting season starts in mid September and ends in February. But wolf hunt is possible all the year round. Check the eloquent photos at our website to see our fishing, hunting and rest.

Trophy fishing in our region is described in detail by winners of fishing festival in Sportivnoe Rybolovstvo magazine (Jan. 2006, 'Battle reconnaissance' article) and in other publications about our camp... >>>

Карты Нижней Волги. Рыбалка.

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Рыбалка и охота, Астраханская область, Волга, Ахтуба..., коттеджи, семейный и корпоративный отдых.
It's very good to go spinning zander on Akhtuba. It takes 20 minutes by motor boat to get to the river along Kazachii erik. Argillaceous steeps, holes... >>>
And it’s just magnificent to fish big bream in autumn both on Mitinka and Akhtuba. It is fished out by donks on sandy strips. The bait is often worms, seldom - corn ... >>>