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about fishing festivals on Nizhnaya Volga and Akhtuba that took place at our fishing camp >>>
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PHOTO NEWS 2006  2008  2007  2005

November 2006. The camp was visited by Victor Vlasenko and 'grandpa' Schu.
                           Check our report "Pre-winter fishing on Nizhnaya Volga" >>>

Aug.-Sept. 2006. Cat-fish 58 kg, sazan 17 kg and more...

July 2006.

June 17, 2006. Cat-fish 28 kg.

June 10, 2006.

May 26, 2006. Too much of zherekh. Fishing report >>>

May 10, 2006.

May 2, 2006. Semen Altov visited our camp. His photos with the staff.

Apr. 29, 2006. Zander 8 kg.

Apr. 28, 2006.

Apr. 27, 2006.

Apr. 20, 2006. Trophies of Moscow team fishermen. Huge sazan.

Apr. 9, 2006. Fishing in spring - height of the season. Zherekh , ide...

May 25 to June 25 accommodation DISCOUNT 50% is in effect.
We fundamentally are getting ready for the gnat season. And we intend to do away with it in our camp using all modern means of gnat annihilation. You will only have to meet it on water... As is well known, it's the best time for fishing predators. Last year we fished zherekh like crazy right accross from the camp. Up to 5 pcs per one boating a day. In the corner of Kazachii and Akhtuba we actively caught zanders. There will be not much of gnat this year due to not so high water.

March 23 to 26 we participate in the "Hunt and fishing 2006" show in St. Petersburg. Welcome to visit our booth 19.

Feb. 10, 2006. Wolf hunt. All the year round.

Winter fishing. New Year trophies.

PHOTO NEWS 2006  2008  2007  2005


It's very good to go spinning zander on Akhtuba. It takes 20 minutes by motor boat to get to the river along Kazachii erik. Argillaceous steeps, holes... >>>
And it’s just magnificent to fish big bream in autumn both on Mitinka and Akhtuba. It is fished out by donks on sandy strips. The bait is often worms, seldom - corn ...>>>