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            Welcome to celebrate the NEW YEAR !!!

Welcome to celebrate the New Year of 2008 and fish and hunt on Nizhnaya Volga with us! Unlike other camps, we don’t close for winter. In winter we have many guests, who like staying with us for our hospitality, excellent service and chick cuisine. And more than half of them come back! New Year here means perfectly organized event, including songs, dance, contests, presents and fireworks. Hearty welcome, comfort and good company await you!

      6 days and 5 unforgettable nights
      from December 30th to January 4th
      (before Dec. 30th and after Jan. 4th
      the 50% accommodation DISCOUNT is in effect)


  • Salutatory cocktail.
    Placing, personnel and camp introduction.

  • Children accompanied by nannies and animators learn New Year salutations by heart.

  • New Year banquet, songs and dances by entertainers.

  • Good-bye to the Old year of Pig.

  • President’s TV appeal - multimedia projected.

  • New Year of Rat celebration.
    Congratulations from Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden.
    Contests, presents, disco and New Year fireworks!

  • DJ Botsman, Moscow. [31.12 - 4.01]

  • Live music by Youg group, Astrakhan. [3.01]

  • New Year fishing and hunting.

  • Fishing contests and prizes:
    "The best baitsman" – the best friend of the spinning man.
    "The most accurate spinning man " – throwing of spoon-bait.
    The best perch contest. Prizes in 2 nominations – weight and quantity.

  • New Year trophy fish soup in open air.

  • Games and trips for children.

  • Darts contest.

  • Performance of national ensemble from Zavolzhskoe.

  • Billiards tournament.

  • Riding trips.

  • Kazakh cuisine evening.

  • Viewing of 'Rat race' and more.

  • Karaoke contest. Prizes for winners.

  • Departure (the celebrations may be continued for a longer period at your request...)

Let the NEW YEAR bring luck to you!

It's very good to go spinning zander on Akhtuba. It takes 20 minutes by motor boat to get to the river along Kazachii erik. Argillaceous steeps, holes... >>>
And it’s just magnificent to fish big bream in autumn both on Mitinka and Akhtuba. It is fished out by donks on sandy strips. The bait is often worms, seldom - corn ... >>>