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Trophy sazan fishing program

Method used — carpfishing. Trophy weight is 10 to 25 kg

Fishing from the bank from the preliminary examined and baited places, full equipment of tackle, baits, etc. under gamekeeper's directions.

Professional English and Japanese tackle provided:

  • Four fishing-rods - Prodigi Pro 13` 3,5 LB;
  • Four bobbins - SHIMANO Big Baitrunner LC, with fishing-line and shockleaders;
  • Two props - ROD-POD, electronic indicators of biting and plummet-swingers;
  • Bait reservoirs;
  • Carp landing-net;
  • Sack for fish weighing;
  • Scales;
  • Cobra;
  • Air thermo-rug ;
  • Folding table, chairs and parasol;
  • Isothermal container;
  • Gas-stove with ballon, cooking utensils.
    For night fishing:
  • Tent with anti-mosquito net, camp-beds, gasoline lamp «Coleman», head lamps;
  • Repellents.
    Consumable supplies:
  • «Richworth», «Sensas» boils;
  • "Deltafish" bait boils;
  • Chick-pea, corn, mill cake, clay;
  • Ready-to-use tackle, chick-pea and corn carriers, plummets, boil needles, stoppers.

Packed lunch, thermos tea and coffee provided. Fire spot arranging near fishing place.

Cost of 3-day trophy sazan fishing program for 1 or 2 people (the above mentioned equipment and gamekeeper service included) - 24000 RUR.

It's very good to go spinning zander on Akhtuba. It takes 20 minutes by motor boat to get to the river along Kazachii erik. Argillaceous steeps, holes... >>>
And it’s just magnificent to fish big bream in autumn both on Mitinka and Akhtuba. It is fished out by donks on sandy strips. The bait is often worms, seldom - corn ... >>>